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 Laying Down the Law

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Aftermath Tyrant
Aftermath Tyrant

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PostSubject: Laying Down the Law   Laying Down the Law EmptySun Mar 11, 2007 12:25 pm

Aftermath's objective for this LS is for everyone to have fun. This LS will be doing Dynamis, Sky and Sea. We will be camping Kings & Wyrms. We will not be killing HNM for money or personal gain. We will be going after HNM for rare/ex items and abjurations.


Please note: ALL NEW MEMBERS WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 15-30 DAY PROBATIONARY PERIOD. You will receive NO drops during this time, unless everyone with that main job already has that item. Probationary period may end at any time, and may also be prolonged on an as needed basis.

There are Job-Specific Sackholders. These sackholders are in charge of specific jobs (hence the title).

Shellholder/LS Leader:

- Broli
- Raviont


Should you have any questions, issues, problems, concerns... please talk to one of the sackholders to get it resolved.

The coffer has been established to assist in obtaining cursed armor, high-end items, and Dynamis fees for the linkshell.

(Effective as of 05/10/08)
*We will only sponsor cursed item at it's lowest cost if the abjuration is of importance to your main job only. All other abjurations obtained will be your sole responsibility.

Please note:

  • If you decide to get a HQ cursed item, we will only reimburse you at the amount of the a NQ cursed item.
  • If you purchase your cursed item on your own, and the item costs more than materials, we will only reimburse you for materials. Always better to wait for the coffer to purchase your cursed gear.
  • Crafting costs to get items made from abjurations will also be your responsibility.

We know that everyone cannot be online everyday or during every event. We don't expect you to give up your real life for this. Always remember that RL = real life comes before this. We will understand. However, if you are in game, and there is an event scheduled, we expect you to be there. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts".

Attendance will play a role in the order you receive drops. There's no need for any of the sackholders to ask you to come when there is something scheduled. We will not pressure you, we will not beg you, and we will not force you. Just remember, you pay the consequences when it comes to rare/ex items and abjuration drops. Simple as that.

You joined this LS to be part of team. There's a mentality from some players that think since they already got what they want from a certain NM, there is no reason for them to come. The linkshell should be enough reason for you to attend events. You would not have obtained those items had the LS not helped you.

If you feel that this LS is taking away too much of your game time, or start to become unhappy. Please discuss this with a sackholder. Don't just skip out with no explanation. We can't help you if we don't know.

In order for us to know what you want, it's important that you put a wishlist for all jobs 70 . Only your primary character will receive items, all secondary character will be excluded. Please go to the MEMBER WISHLIST website. A sack must give you a login code in order for you to register and begin your wishlist.

Items on your wishlist should not be removed when it has been obtained. Sacks will make the changes accordingly.

We cannot guaratee that all items in your wishlist will be fulfilled, however, we will try our hardest to do so.

If you have an item, no matter whether you received it from A.M. or another linkshell, if you decide to drop that item... You will no longer receive any drops from this linkshell.


You are NOT allowed at any time to assist another HNM LS unless otherwise instructed by any of the Sackholders. If you are caught assisting them with any of their events, that will count as an automatic dismissal.

*If any sack has to ask you to come to an event, your pearl will be broken until further notice.

Effective 05/26/2008
Reraise items will be mandatory for every linkshell event. Anyone who dies without reraise will be subjected to get raised with whatever raise is given to them.


  • Those pulling/sac pulling will always receive an R3.
  • Anyone who delevels during an event, will always receive an R3.
  • At the end of an event, everyone dead will always receive an R3.
  • If you had to cancel your reraise because you needed a tractor to a safe place before raising, you will receive an R2 or R3.


Dynamis will always be held on Mondays and Thursdays. Since there is a 3 day re-entry period, you will be restricted from doing Dynamis with anyone else. Dynamis runs will strictly be done with Aftermath only. Unless you do not have access to the zone, you will be allowed to join other Dynamis' on an as needed basis (e.g. only if you need the win).

Money items are free lots.

Single Currencies and 100 Piece Currencies will go directly into LS Coffer, until further notice.

Job-Specific Sackholders will be responsible for calling out AF² items.

We know that sky is being over-populated by RMT players. We still have to go out there and try. In order for us to fight the gods, we must first camp NMs for pop items. It's a tedious task, but someone's got to do it. It's the payment at the end that matters.

You will not be restricted from doing sky with other people, unless it interferes with a linkshell event, and/or if you are with another HNM LS assisting them.

Decisions on lots for drops by Gods|Kirin will be determined by the Job-Specific Sackholders. All money items will go directly into the LS Coffer.

We know that camping these things can be long & boring. But in order for us to get the items that you want, they need to be camped. If a wyrm or king is in N/A time, we will cancel all events that week and continue to camp. This will also determine free days should they fall on those days. Sackholders will inform everyone of schedule changes and such.

Decisions on lots for drops by Wyrms & Kings will be determined by the Job-Specific Sackholders. All money items will go directly to the LS Coffer.


Limbus will be paid by each individual that is participating. All 1 Artifact itemsSE are free lot to those that have the level 70 job. Coins are collected and distributed evenly after. Extra coins go to the highest randomers. Those who received items will be excluded from the random, and cannot receive extra coins. If you received 2 items, then you will not get any coins period.

Effective as of 05/26/2008

Will be sponsored by the LS only if the run is successful. Again, drops will be called by Job-Specific Sackholders, and coins will go to LS Bank.

Currently Aftermath doesn't do these as LS events. Many linkshell members currently have SP parties for these events. Eventually we will work this in to the LS.

We do all tier 1, 2, & JoL.

We currently do not do this event actively. We do it once in a while due to the current demand of other events. However, this is done as a LS event as well.

Everyone wishing to get an item from a pop NM must buy their own pop item. In the event that we lose (not killing the NM), LS will buy you a new pop item. LS is not responsible if the item doesn't drop.

Effective 05/26/2008
LS will schedule these from time to time. We will be requiring a 10% fee from each LS member who participates with an Orb; 15% from a non-LS member wishing to join the run and participate with an Orb.

*We only require 10% from items you sell. Example: Speed Belt drops, if you decide to keep then it's yours. We are only asking for 10% of items you sell. However, if you already own that item, selling your item that you already had does not count. We will ask that 10% of that item be given to LS coffer.


Lastly, we have a very intense schedule. Free days in LS are very rare. Please be prepared for it. You will be asked to come to events as a certain job for specific reasons. If you are not ready for this kind of thing, then this LS is not for you.

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Aftermath Tyrant
Aftermath Tyrant

Number of posts : 392
Age : 43
FFXI Character Name : Raviont | Saryon
Registration date : 2007-03-11

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PostSubject: Re: Laying Down the Law   Laying Down the Law EmptyWed Aug 27, 2008 1:16 pm

The LS rules will be updated by the end of this week. 09-01-08

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Laying Down the Law
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